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Having La Pasta di Aldo in your pantry means making a valuable online purchase. It means having special dry pasta to show off in unforgettable lunches and dinners. This pasta, which is initially strictly long, is dried slowly, hung and stored in a box which makes it easy to "throw the pasta" into the boiling water. The ingredients of dried egg pasta are two: durum wheat semolina and 32% chicken eggs, without adding water to the dough. The dough is processed with a few steps to ensure the maximum performance of the pasta during cooking. Pasta is so perfect that just a drizzle of oil is enough to make it sublime.
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The various shapes of La Pasta di Aldo arrive at your home enclosed in a special package, designed to protect the product during the shipment. The materials used, from the paper of the single packages to the cardboard of the boxes, have the colour of semolina and eggs, are eco-friendly and suitable for reuse. You can choose among packs of artisan pasta of various types, divided into Classic, Whole Wheat, Special Egg Pasta or Soup Pasta. With the box, and with the single packs of Pasta, you can enjoy inventing new uses when the pasta is finished! Inside the brochure contained in the box you’ll receive, you’ll find the instructions, and the images to cut out, to build a wonderful and amusing small theatre to tell fairy tales to children.You can get many ideas by visiting Lucia Locatelli’s social pages.
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Make it this way

Unleashing your imagination in the kitchen to enjoy La Pasta di Aldo is simple, but not necessary… because a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil may be enough! But Italian special recipes are at hand thanks to the long-time collaboration with the internationally renowned Chef Giorgio Nardelli. In the box, you can find his new, haute cuisine recipes for La Pasta di Aldo’s customers. For every type of pasta... a recipe!
Ricette italiane pasta all'uovo secca

The taste of giving

Very often you are undecided about what to give when you are invited to an important occasion or as a business gift. Many times you are doubtful on what to match to your corporate image. Our advise is to not be trivial and to give something that represents Italy. Among the typical and artisan products of the Bel Paese, one is the handmade dry egg pasta. For a Company it is fundamental to rely on high-level brands with a history that’s synonymous with guarantee. So, what’s better than an unexpected box of La Pasta di Aldo?
business gift with artisan egg pasta

Aldo for the environment

Buying packs of La Pasta di Aldo means loving the environment. Yes, handmade pasta is generally chosen to enjoy unforgettable dishes, but choosing La Pasta di Aldo makes you a special person, because you contribute to a better functioning of the ecosystem. Every package and every box that arrives at your home are eco-friendly, as they are made of cellulose and are suitable for recycling.

Are you a restaurateur?

Letting the artisan La Pasta di Aldo egg pasta packs into your kitchen means not having problems in the cooking phase and therefore using an always intact product. Every condiment, from those of the regional tradition to the most daring ones, is suitable to this Pasta, thanks to the porosity of each format.
The colour of each shape is vibrant, naturally appealing to the eye... and to the palate.
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