Care for the environment

Never before as in recent years, we are all talking about the importance of protecting the environment in which we live, our land, our "home" in all respects.

We've always felt safe inside our neat, clean, cozy homes, and we often look for this tranquility in nature too, with a holiday by the sea or in the mountains, or even with a field trip. And if, by chance, we find a piece of paper on the ground, we think it's not our problem, and we're ready to blame someone else. If everything we buy is packaged and we produce kilos and kilos of plastic, we think it's not about us or, at the most, we conclude that "those concerned will recycle it".

Actually, it’s not like that.
Actually the environment is ours and it is also our duty, as well as our right, to safeguard it.

Luigi and Maria, the owners of La Pasta di Aldo, think so too; for years they've been studying and searching for the best and sustainable materials not only for egg pasta, but also for its packaging; since the environment is a heritage for our territory. They have also created a supply chain for the production of the egg pasta packs, by using a handmade straw paper, vegetable paper and inks, packages of pure cellulose, solid enough to look like wood. Everything is easily reusable, as well as recyclable. Not to mention the glass and wood cases in the small shops of typical products.

Buying Aldo’s egg pasta with semolina online, you will have an extra gift: the 250-gram pack of pasta, in fact, can be converted into a nice theater, to make children play and to, why not, take the opportunity to teach them the recycling and reuse of materials. All this without forgetting the elegance of the presentation:Aldo's egg pasta packs are absolutely recognizable at first glance: a fully windowed package that enables you to see the whole product, that gives a pleasant sensation because to the touch you can already imagine the porosity of the pasta inside. Finally, the opening: as in Christmas films, where children open their gifts under the tree with trepidation by simply pulling on the lid of the box, when opening a pack of La Pasta di Aldo, you will get the same sensation.

A gift for us and for the environment

Reuse our packaging to safeguard the planet

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