Dry Egg Pasta artisan methods

Two hearts and four hands that talk to pasta.
And communicate their passion with egg pasta.

This is how we can summarize the story of AlDo pasta factory, acronym consisting of the initial syllables of the surnames of Maria ALzapiedi and Luigi DOnnari, the creators of this culinary art work.
A passion born as kids, handed down by a grandmother who loved the territory and its products, simply through a pastry board, a flour fountain in the centre of which stood the eggs. The only other ingredient, the hands.

And it’s the hands, their movements, the wisdom in measuring their strength mixed with the delicate touch, that inspired the one-of-a-kind machines of La Pasta di Aldo, equipment skilfully designed around the movement of the palm of the hands of that grandmother who used to knead the egg pasta with love for her family.
Then Maria and Luigi put their heart into experimenting the various amounts of ingredients, testing and verifying the results, incorporating semolina with eggs in search for the perfect balance, achieving a process that enables the dough with egg pasta and semolina to remain soft enough to be rolled out and cut to taste, then analysing the drying times and modes, drying which is strictly long and inspired to the drying of wheat, and in the end obtaining an optimal consistency, porous, not breaking during cooking and ideal for any recipe.

They started with and from tradition, which is always the heart of the company, the cornerstone where it all began, but everything keeps moving towards the constant search for new amounts, ingredients and original mixes: to create, to study, to search are the words that carry Maria and Luigi daily, and that shape a real artisan laboratory of egg pasta, in order to always keep the memory of our tradition up-to-date and to keep egg pasta alive by adapting it, if necessary, to the demands of the moment.

Dry Egg Pasta Artisan Workshop
Dry Egg Pasta with Semolina

Maria and Luigi have patented the poetry of work in the production of dry egg pasta.

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